"Westerwanna" Dice

So-called "westerwanna" dice were used by Germanic people before the Migration Period (400-600 AD), and were named for the site of their initial discovery in Lower Saxony.
The dice are typically about 2 cm in length and marked with dot-and-ring figures and have markings 3 and 4 on the two small faces (probably as decoration).
Very rare. Is there anybody who has more information about these type of dice?

[0127] Bone, 26x16 mm, Roman: 1st c. AD, 1-6, 2-5

[0183] Bone/horn, 24x14x12 mm, Roman: 2nd-3rd c. AD, 1-6, 2-5

[0193] Bone, 24x16 mm, Roman, 1-6, 2-2 (2 sides marked with 2!!)