The original chinese dice are small dice with the 2,3,5,6 black-colored, the 4 red colored,
and the 1 either large and red-colored, or just an impression without color.
Furthermore, the pips of the 2 are placed horizontally and not diagonally (as usual).
Modern chinese dice are still the same but often larger and both dice and pips come in many colors.

3 pair of beautifully carved ivory 'Lord and Lady dice'.
The first pair photographed from 3 directions.
The second slightly larger pair pictured from 2 directions.
The third pair of 22 mm only on 1 picture.

Below a set of 6 dice where only on one side dots are present.
The big one and the four are printed in red, the other numbers in black.

A very nice bone dice holder with a set of 6 dice.

3 sets of Hoo Hey How dice: The east-asian variant of the lottery dice game 'Crown and Anchor'
(a very popular game by sailors in the Channel/Northern sea area), along with the typical betting diagram.

'Ong Su Chian' are the chinese chess dice where
'Ong', 'Su', and 'Chian' are the Hokkien dialect
for 3 of the characters found on the dice.

These dice come in a set of 3 and are used in
a gambling game similar to 'Hoo Hey How'.

And other dice with pips. The 4 is always red. The one is always large,
and usually red but sometimes without color. The other sides are black or blue.

A marvelous huge D6 with chinese scenes, not sure for what use.

A set of 3 dice for the game 'sic bo', and the paper used to play this game.

And two more ceramic D6's in a small case, and a small transparent chinese D6.

Chinese gum dice also called 'dice erasers', and 65 mm huge foam dice.

A chinese glass D14 with symbols on 6 of the 14 faces (but it frequently does fall on the other 8 faces as well),
a plastic D6 with the chinese numbers 1...6, and 9 other plastic dice.

A beautifully carved bone set.

You can see more chinese dice in: MAHJONG DICE and BELANKAI SPINNERS.