6-sided DICE

The most common 6-sided dice (D6) are cubical, also called hexahedron or hexaeder.
Recently also so-called spindle or crystal D6's are on the market.

Cubic DICE with regular numbering (1-6)

As a big start this very nice huge wooden die, and just some rather standard small wooden dice and one large D6.
Also a small D6 with (broken) hearts and numbers.

Dice with razor sharp edges, 2 different small numbered metal D6's, and the Dice Maniacs Club die.

A collection of various colorful D6's.

Cubic DICE with irregular numbering

Dice with the numbers 1,1,2,2,3,3. Therefore sometimes called 3-sided dice.

On the left 3 dice with the numbers 2,3,3,4,4,5. Usually called 'averaging dice'.
On the right a red die with the numbers 1,3,5,7,9. One side is empty.

Dice of a for me unknown game and a 'bits' dice to randomize your computer.

Cubic DICE with regular pips (1-6)

Some examples of dice of various colours.

Really tiny and really really tiny D6's, and white plastic dice with pips in different colours.

Transparent dice with coloured pips (small and large ones).

Large D6's with a very nice internal texture, and a pair of large transparent dice with reds pips.

An old steel/leather holder with three small dice,
and a D6 with a O marking for the '1'.
A pair of green bakelite dice with pips made of rhinestone.

Some oriental D6's with non standard coloring.

Cubic DICE with irregular pips

Dice with irregular number of pips.

Non-cubic DICE

Bone shaped dice (also called 'bone dice').
Irregular and elliptical shaped (sometimes called Joker dice).

D6's known as Crystal Dice.
A spinning D6 made of stainless steel 304.

Round and 'flattened round' dice.

A pencil with the pips 1...6 found in France.

A pewter replica of a dragon die.