On this page my large and rare collection of Peruvian dice.
Most of them are stone and marble dice with a variety of symbols.
All dice are handmade with carved or grooved symbols.
Up to now I think the meaning of these symbols is the following:
- Sun: Man (wiracocha)
- Moon: Woman
- Fist: Force or Money
- Snake: Intelligence
- Star (explosion?): War
- Ground: Pachamama
I would be very interested if somebody could tell me more about these dice,
and about the type of games people used them for.

A large marble D6 (all 6 sides are shown) with carved figures of the
sun, star, moon, stars?, ground and fist.

On the left a smaller pair of marble D6's having the same figures but
with a snake in stead of stars.
On the right a not really cubic D6 with symbols of
sun, sun+cloud, ground(2x), corn(2x).

Another beautiful pair of stone dice with the same carved symbols as above.

Two huge (50 mm) stone dice with grooved symbols showing on one face the sun,
on two faces the symbols for the days of the week (3 on one side and 4 on another),
and on the last three faces the symbols of the 12 months of the year (4 months per side).

A rare marble dice (all 6 sides are shown).

And 4 stone dice with similar grooved symbols.

Two nicely decorated stone dice with pips (NB: the pips on opposite sides do not add to 7).

Another 3 stone dice with symbols.

Several stone dice with pips.
Again the pips on opposite sides of the pair of dice on the right do not add to 7.

On the left a stone dice with pips and pictures.
On the right a wooden pair of dice with various symbols.

A set of 5 promo dice with cup for the company Cartavio.

A dice from a casino in Lima.