Original poker is a typical bar game played with 5 dice.
The dice markings are 9 (clubs or spades), 10 (hearts or diamonds), jack, queen, king, and ace (clubs or spades).
Nowadays, you can find also different games, with different markings or even different number of sides (8-sided, 12-sided).

See also Spanish poker dice and Promo poker dice

Two very old ones (circa 1873), and a set of 25 mm (1 inch) large poker dice.

A pair of bakelite poker dice, and a set of small ones.

A set of 5 poker dice 'made in France'. A set of 5 wooden poker dice in a wooden tube.

A series of 12-sided poker dice.

3 sets of poker dice with 9, 10, J, Q, K, A (symbol).

Three dice with a small capsule of parfume inside. The dice are a promotional item for Holland casino.

A huge wooden and a normal plastic poker D6.

A large set of wooden poker dice. Who knows the game these dice are used for?

A set of poker dice with the pictures of a chimney sweeper on it.

A special device for playing poker.

The famous 8 sided 'Marlboro' dice, an ivory D8, a set of 'Banks' black poker dice,
a set of ivory 'FLOWERS' poker dice, and a set of large wooden dice from the game 'Joker Poker'.

And some more sets.