How to play 'Put & Take' with two 6-sided dice

Number of players: any number
All players contribute an equal amount of chips to the pot.
The first player then rolls the 2 Put & Take dice.
Depending on what shows on the top side of the dice,
he either PUTS (P) or TAKES (T) from the pot as follows:
- P 1/2/3: player puts 1/2/3 chips in the pot
- T 1/2/3: player takes 1/2/3 chips from the pot
- P A(LL): Player doubles the number of chips in the pot
- T A(LL): Player takes all the chips from the pot, and the game starts again

Usually 'Put and Take' is played with a gambling top, see Put and Take Gambling Tops

[0044 x2] Plastic "Put and Take" dice, 16 mm.

[0149 x2] Bakelite "Put and Take" dice, 15.3 mm.

[0228 x2] Misprint "Put and Take" dice with instructions, 16 mm

[0459] A silver 14-sided 'Put and Take' gambling ball, 22x19 mm.

[0638 x2] A set of brass put and take dice, 13 mm.

[0827] Celluloid (possibly ivory) "Put and Take" die, 15.2 mm.

[0828 x2] Bakelite "Put and Take" dice, 14 mm.

[0829 x2] Celluloid/ivory "Put and Take" dice, 14 mm.