Two nice 'roulette-style' spinners; one to decide the card color,
the second one with the possibilities 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and Grolsch (a Dutch beer brand).

Two dice rollers in which the iron balls finally stick to a number,
due to small magnets below, called 'magnetic shak-a-dice' or 'magnetic dice-a-matic'.

Spinners with 3 and 5 independent dice.

An old Japanese spinner, made of carton called 'round dice',
and a 'Lucky Jackpot' dice.

An old greec put and take spinner,
and a set called 'Galloping Dominoes', made in the USA in the 50's.
Push and release the button and the dice hubble around.

And more sets but now called 'Rollem dice game', made in British Hong Kong.
They really look identical to the 'Galloping Dominoes', but the quality is
much poorer, and the weight of the game is less.

A very nice bakelite game called 'Roll M', which can be used as a pair of normal dice,
or as 'Put and Take' dice. Dated 1938.

Several ways to throw more than 1 die. The first is called 'Juste'n dice game'.

Dice in dice (or double dice): throw in one go the small inner and the transparent outer dice.

The famous pig dice from Germany (or Schweine wurfeln in German).
The special promo dice set from Victoria-Vesta.

An overhead dice spinner.