Rose quartz and white agate (quartz) (15 mm India).

Aventurine jadeite (quartz color) (15 mm India).

??? and blue agate (15 mm India).

Chocolate brown jasper and regular chalcedony jasper (15 mm India).

Purple amethyst quartz and ??? (15 mm India).

Green moss agate chalcedony and chrystal with red pips (15 mm India).

Bloodstone chalcedony and obsidian (15 mm India).

Carnelian (sun red and striad) and citrine quartz (15 mm India).

Chalcedony carnelian (regular color and banded light) (15 mm India).

Various series of the so-called Dwarven stones from Koplow (yellow jade, red jasper,
snow obsidian, green adventurine, and rose quartz).

Several dice from Morocco with henna painted pips.

And some others.