Bakelite (also called phenol resin, fenolhars in Dutch) is a resin formed by phenol and formaldehyde during heating
under pressure. Once the resin is hardened it cannot be melted again and is inherently fire resistant.
Bakelite was developed in the beginning of the 20th century by Leo Baekeland and the manufacturing process
was described in 1907.
The Bakelite Corporation, where bakelite was originally manufactured, has been taken over by Union Carbide in 1939.

Here just a few pictures of bakelite dice. Many more are shown elsewhere on the web site.

[0150 x2] Old bakelite pair of dice, 16 mm

[0178 x4] Bakelite dice, 12.5 mm

[0179] Bakelite die, 15.5 mm

[0217] Nice bakelite die, 16 mm

[0244 x4] Small bakelite (possibly celluloid) dice, 12 mm

[0280 x2] Small bakelite pair of dice, 12 mm

[0406] Nice bakelite die, 18 mm

[1384 x4] Yellow bakelite dice with red 1 and 4, probably chinese, 15.6 mm

[1724] Bakelite die with red, blue and black pips, 16 mm