5 specially made dice with symbols like lightning bolts, Saturns and pyramids.
You roll the dice, and, depending on the combination of the symbols, you score a certain number of points
and move your marker around the playing surface. If you roll the wrong combination, you go nowhere and pass the dice to the next player.
You also get a small, round, day-glo sticker depicting a single star shooting across a blazing sun and the cryptic message Cosmic Wimpout.
One of the high points of Cosmic Wimpout folklore was in 1979 during the spring tour of the Grateful Dead.
That's when someone got on stage to politely but firmly asked Wimpout fanatics to stop stickering their tour bus.

For all details on this game, see the official website.

[1305 x4] The "Cosmic Wimpout" dice, plastic, 15.5 mm.

[1306 x4] The "Cosmic Wimpout" dice, plastic, 16 mm.

[1307 x5] The "Cosmic Wimpout" dice, plastic, 16 mm.