-sided DICE

Usually denoted by D4 and existing in pyramidal shape (also called tetrahedron or tetraeder),
a kind of elongated pyramidal shape, wedge shape, 'stick' shape (also called 'log dice'),
and a kind of elliptical shape (rugby ball) see roman 4-sided elliptical dice.
You can see more wonderful old D4 stick dice in DICE from NEPAL and DICE from INDIA

[0581] A strange color D4, plastic, 26 mm

[0672] A wedge-shaped D4, plastic, 28x17 mm

[0673 x2] Pair of 4-sided solid brass dice sticks, with 0, 1, 2, and 3 pips, 55x6 mm

[0674] 4-sided solid stainless steel dice stick, with 1, 2, 3, and 4 pips, 22x6 mm

[1000 x3] Several pyramidal D4's with the numbers in the corners, 17 mm

[1001 x7] Several unicolored pyramidal D4's, 17-18 mm

[1002 x15] normal and tiny multicolored dice D4's, 12 and 18 mm

[1569 x2] Modern D4's, 19 mm

[1780] Modern D4 with the numbers in the flattened corners, 16.4 mm

[1791] Wooden D4 from the game "Zwergentrio", 50x20 mm

[1802] Wooden D4 from the game "Gary Gouda", Germany, 70x20 mm

[1803] Wooden D4 from the game "Furchtlose flieger aka Plucky pilots", Germany, 35x12 mm

[1804] Wooden D4 from the game "Zauberwaeldchen", Germany, 70x20 mm