Letter dice are used for many games, such as "Throw and Spell", "Split-words",
"Word Yahtzee , "Scribbage dice game", "Toss words game",
"Boggle", "Super Boggle , "Coggle", "Perquackey", "I Qubes", "Shake words" and others.
In most games the players throw the dice and then have to form words, as long as possible.

[0040 x12] Dice and rules of the game "Shake a word", wood, 14 mm

[0087 x12] A set of small wooden dice for the "Word throwing game" & instructions, Japan, 13 mm

[0105 x5] So called "Diamino poker dice" with instructions, France, plastic, 20 mm

[0152 x13] A set of wooden dice for the game "Worterwurfeln", Switzerland, 16 mm

[0263 x10] The 10 dice from the game "Split Words" from 1962, wood, 19.5 mm

[0285 x8] Dice for the "Cadbury's drinking chocolate" game, plastic, 16 mm

[0331 x6] Letter dice of the Dutch "Spaarbank", Netherlands, wood, 14 mm

[0332 x12] The "Renault" letter dice, Netherlands, 16 mm

[0339 x6] Letter dice of the MKF crossword dice, wood, 14 mm

[0347 x14] Dice of the game "Shake words", wood, 14 mm

[0598] A D20 letter die, plastic, 20 mm

[0665 x7] A nice set in a green leather etui, wood, 16 mm.

[0666 x7] The so-called "I Qubes" crossword dice, bakelite, 16 mm.

[0778 x12] Wooden dice of the game "Last word", 12.5 mm

[0781 x16] A set of 16 wooden dice as educational object for the Pei Chun Public School (2002), 16 mm

[0782 x24] Dice for the Dutch game 'Mens erger je niet', The Netherlands, wood, 16 mm

[0783 x12] A very nice old set of 12 bakelite letter dice, 15.5 mm

[0784 x4] Some letter dice, especially for forming English words, GB, plastic, 21 mm

[0785] A D12 letter die, plastic, 18 mm

[0786] A large D20 letter dice, plastic, 38 mm

[0787 x2] Two probably bakelite letter dice, 16 mm

[1538 x13] Small wooden letter dice, 12 mm

[1588 x5] Set of colored wooden letter dice, 14 mm

[1837] D6 with different vowels (i,e,a,u,y,o), plastic, 16 mm

[1855 x9] Wooden dice with different letters with numbers, 14 mm