Many many dice are made of wood.
Below just some dice made of special wood from olive trees, palm trees, bamboo, thuya etc.

[0154 x5] Dice from 5 different types of wood, Switzerland, 25 mm

[0437 x6] Wooden dice in a box with glass lid, 21 mm

[0486] Nice wooden die with metal nails as pips, 24 mm

[0561] Very nice round wooden dice, Switzerland, 30 mm

[0597 x5] In wooden hex. box. Inlaid copper pips. Dice signs on the box, India, 18 mm

[0660 x3] Conquest dice, wood, 30 mm.

[0758 x2] A pair of wooden dice, Indonesia, 65 mm

[0812 x9] A collection of typical Moroccan Thuya dice, with inlaid pips made of Citrus wood, 19-79 mm

[0813 x5] A similar set made of Thuya but with inlaid pips made of mother-of-pearl, 20 mm

[0905] Large die made of olive wood, Switzerland, 29.5 mm

[0906 x2] Dice made of palm wood, 16 and 18 mm

[0907 x4] Dice and box made of mahagony wood, 22.5 mm

[0908] A large wooden die, 80 mm

[1157] Pink wooden die, 17 mm

[1158] Large wooden die, 47 mm

[1159] Large wooden die, 42 mm

[1160 x2] Small wooden dice with point+circle pips, 13 mm

[1161] Large wooden die with metal nails as pips, 44 mm

[1162 x2] Large wooden dice probably used for deck games, UK?, 74 mm

[1163 x6] Dice set made of oak wood, 17 mm

[1164 x5] Dice set with brass nails as pips, 21 mm

[1653 x4] Wooden dice, 40 / 35 / 30 / 25 mm