Letter dice are used for many games, such as 'Throw and Spell',
'Word Yahtzee', 'Scribbage dice game', 'Toss words game',
'Boggle', 'Super Boggle', 'Coggle', 'Perquackey', 'I Qubes',
'Shake words' and others.
In most games the players throw the dice and then
have to form words, as long as possible.

A collection of different types of letter dice.
For some games each letter is attributed a number of points, indicated on the dice.

A D12 and a D20 with letters.

Dice and rules of the game 'shake a word'

Some letter dice, especially for forming English words.

A very nice old set of 12 bakelite letter dice.

The so-called 'I Cubes' set, made of bakelite.

A set of small wooden dice for the 'Word throwing game' made in Japan.

14 dice of the game 'Shake words', and the 'Cadbury drinking chocolate' game.

And 6 dice of another 'cross word dice game'.

And also made of wood: the 'last word game', the 'Renault' letter dice,
the dice for the Dutch game 'Mens erger je niet', and the letter dice of the Dutch 'Spaarbank'.

A set of 16 wooden dice as educational object for the Pei Chun Public School.