Plastic 6-siders with various text.

A very large plastic D12 with words,
and letter and word dice from the game 'drinking Chocolate Game' from Cadbury's,
and a set of large wooden dice from the game 'Poetry for your table'.

Several wooden dice with dutch text on it.

Below some large wooden dice with english text.

A wooden set for the X-mas/new year period, and a set of 3 wooden dice.

Word dice games:
- 35 dice from the game 'Desperately seeking Susan'.
- 26 dice from un unknown game.
- 44 dice from the game 'Deluxe dirty words'.
- 10 dice from the game 'Split Words'.

A pair of stainless steel text dice, and a word D12.

A pair of large silk dice.

Also have a look at some text dice in DICE from GERMANY